Vision Mission & Objective


To provide future direction for modernization & upgradation of the Zoological Garden, Bilaspur to such extent that in spite of being one of the oldest Zoos of Chhattisagarh , it can be at par with one of the best Zoos of the city. For that purpose the available resources, planned breeding, research etc. would be the essential tools keeping in mind the constraints, limitations and inherent challenges of an old Zoo.


We shall strive to provide Natural habitate to various animals found in area for awareness generation, and education for conservation. To provide rescue, treatment, release of animals, breeding of endangered species found in the area.

Objectives of the Zoo

Aim : The principle aim of the zoo is to manage, run, and maintain the zoological park called Kanan Pendari zoological garden, which would be a place for education and awareness of the inhabitants of Bilaspur and surrounding areas. For research, conservation and captive breeding of mammals, birds, reptiles, aquatic creatures etc.

Object :

i) To provide for education and awareness about the wild life habit and habitate. For the welfare and growth of wild animals of the area.

ii) To protect and conserve the endangered species of the area.

iii) To maintain proper environment for the breeding of schedule animals of the area.

iv) To conserve and enrich the biodiversity of the local flora and fauna.

v) To work as a centre of capture, rescue and release of stray animals which come across peripheral area of forested area.