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One of the main objectives of the zoo management is to create awareness and love for the wild life among the general public. Creating a sense of participation and attachment to the zoo animals create bonding and a sense of involvement. Adoption of zoo animals is very popular in international zoos and several Indian zoos have started this practice. Besides bonding this also provide a source of revenue for better zoo management and for better up keep of animals.

Kanan Pendari Zoo, is launching a scheme of ‘adoption of zoo animals. Public, either institutions or individuals are invited for adopting / institutions may select their favorite animals.

Individual / institution may enjoy the prescribed privilege as mentioned below against adoption of animals of zoo for a period of one year.

  1. 1. Certificate along with adoption Card.
  2. 2. Complimentary non-transferable pass for zoo entry.
  3. 3. Permission to use of animals photograph for publication in newspaper, magazine, in the letter head and website of individual / institution.
  4. 4. Opportunity for celebration of birthday of sponsors within Zoo premises with-in the rules of the zoo.
  5. 5. Scope for participation in different seminar / function organized by concerned zoo, for awareness development and publicity for conservation of endangered wildlife species and exotic species.
  6. 6. Publication of logo & name of the Institution / Individual on the board of animal near the enclosure.
  7. 7. Rules and regulations of Central Zoo Authority will be followed.

Help us to care for our Animals by adopting them. Your donation will be used for food, medical care, supplies and upkeep of our animal enclosures.

Animals Adoption List

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